11 Ideas on How to Turn Your Website Into a Lead Generation Machine

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So now you have a website that is receiving constant visits, but for some reason, you are not reaching your desired goal in terms of transforming those visits to subscribers of your website. Lately, this is something that is seen day by day in this world of webmasters, and it was not until I learned how to make the most of all the techniques I have read at the time that a lot of people said they were not working or were obsolete.

My mistake was to assume that if for others those techniques did not work, they will not work either for me. Do not make the same mistake and do the tests yourself starting today. You probably do not have the payment tools that many site administrators have to measure the behavior of their pages, but we are at a time when there are multiple free tools that can also do the work for us while we acquire the payment tools, this cannot be an impediment to progress and grow your website.

If you have already decided to achieve that goal, whether you are watching a small percentage of visits convert to subscribers or are not having any results … similarly, these tips will help you to get on the right path for the growth of your site. Are you ready? If your answer is YES, then read the full article and you may then discover some tip that you were not implementing on your site.

Define your niche market
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Many make the mistake of planning and even writing for everyone. This will work if your target audience is everyone, which in most cases is not so. Do you want to know why, even though you are getting traffic to your website, you are not seeing the reflected flow visits -> subscriptions as you would like? You may need to pay attention to who you are targeting with the content you are writing on your blog. Redefine your audience and write according to them, you will surely see positive changes in the medium and long term.
If you find yourself in the case that you do not even know exactly who your readers are, you could start by posting a poll on your blog or sending it to your current mailing list and ask them what is the hardest thing that they have at the moment but they want to achieve the goal so badly. Try it, and you will see that the results will surprise you.


Make sure your website has serveral web pages that convert
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You may think that if your site is online and working without trouble, that’s when the task ends. Well, I have bad news because it is important to continue to optimize the site in its entirety over and over again. With this, you will increase the performance of the conversions you are getting and of course, what matters to us, the income generated by the site.
But if you don’t know where to start, here I will list some quick options with which you can utilize in optimizing your landing page, which is the start page that your visitors will see when they arrive at your site:

  • Landing Page Call to Action
  • Call to Action colors
  • Call to Action font and size
  • Captures the attention of the user within no less than 3 seconds.
  • Keep in mind the usability of the landing page, do not overload it with so much information.
  • Use videos if you can. If a picture is worth more than 1,000 words … how many words will a video be worth?
  • Periodically change the title of the landing page until you find one that works best with your audience.
  • Use arrows or similarities that draw attention to the user to do what you plan to do, which is to click the Call to Action.
  • Stop talking so much about yourself and show them a list of the benefits they will get when they join your mailing list.

 These are some of the points that I briefly could think of to help you improve the performance of your Landing Page. If you want more tips, do not hesitate to contact us through a comment at the end of the post or our Twitter account!


Communicate your exact intentions
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Before selling something on your website, the user visiting in the first instance will not buy anything, and if the user does, there is always a miracle right?
Why? The answer that comes to my mind is lack of confidence. You need to work on the trust that the user will build when they become accustomed to your site. Now, how will you achieve that?
Then I ‘ll list some of the manners as in which you can do that:

  • Place contact information so that the person visiting your website can get your concerns to you, whether you simply want more information about a product or you may have a complaint.
  • Design titles that offer exactly what they are looking for or waiting for when it comes to your website.
  • Use Call to Actions to guide them in what they must do in order to achieve what is expected of them.
  • Offer value content before requesting anything in return.
  • Make case studies on your site by talking about topics of interest to your audience. 


Focus on getting people to register on your e-mail list
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Here, we rely on doing everything possible to make our visitor become a subscriber of our website. This is to create that trust that the user does not have at first, that is why any attempt to sell at this stage of a sales funnel, the conversion rates are minimal.

The idea is to take them to a sequence, depending on the state in which they are, and from there, go to work until they begin to evaluate and opt in which our service or product is the best option for them. Something interesting to emphasize, in case you have not heard it, is that every person who visits your website is in a totally different state from the rest of the visitors.

As well? Well, maybe a certain user is in search mode without intending to buy something or maybe is already evaluating to buy something, but is in comparison mode of products, looking at profits vs. cost. Regardless of the case, it is necessary that we have prepared specific tools for each case, listed on our websites.


Use pop-ups to get more engagement
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This is a controversial subject and much discussed in the community of bloggers, internet marketers, etc. The reality is that it is an intrusive way of showing the reader some kind of publicity or information that we do not want to go unnoticed. Perhaps you have somehow another tool to capture emails at the top of your website or perhaps the end of the post, which are good ways to increase the conversion of subscriptions to the blog.

The truth is that … no matter the results of others, what should be important is to perform the relevant tests on your website and then with that to be able to decide if using tools like a pop-up window is functional or not on your website. Certainly, there are cases of studies that prove it to be harmful, but there are others that show that they work. The only thing that really matters is the behavior that visitors have on your website.


Implement retargeting tags
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Something I like to do is get visitors for a relatively cheap price, and that’s thanks to the technology of retargeting. With no other technology, you will find cheap ways to bring visitors to your website. Maybe you do not know what I mean by retargeting, well … let’s say that a user visits your website and then abandons it, with this technology it is possible, thanks to a code that you must place on your website, to crawl all over the internet to that person through advertising on third party websites that also participate in this technology and with this, bring back to that user who initially visited your website.

Now that the user has already recognized who owns the ad and then decides to click on it, once the user is on your website will not be a complete stranger. This increases the likelihood that you will become a subscriber to the blog or make some purchase and/or action that you have stipulated. I do not know if you are starting to notice, but little by little, as I write each tip to turn your website into a lead generation machine, the effective way for this to happen is for the user to visit multiple times website and that you gain their trust through quality content and constant communication; email marketing is perfect for this scenario.


Publish testimonials and reviews
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Have you ever shopped at Amazon? I imagine, that like all, you look at the recommendations of people who have already purchased the product. Very preferably if you find a product with 500 reviews with 4.8 stars, you lean more to the purchase of that product than if we say, the same product has 500 reviews but with 1.9 stars.

It seems logical, but in our case, with our website, we sometimes forget how important the testimonial factor is. If you do not have anything to sell, then the testimonials could be the comments that the person who is visiting your website is leaving and reading the entries that he/she find interesting. Now, if you sell something on your website and you do not have a system of testimonials that will support the veracity and effectiveness of your product, my recommendation is that you start working on them.


Use CTAs in the text of your blog posts
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Who said that a Call to Action can only be placed on the sidebar of our website, on a Landing Page or at the end of the article? It is also possible to place it while we are writing the same article. Of course, only if you think it’s relevant that somewhere in the article you can mention some products that you have created.

What’s more, you could place something as an upgrade within the article to a more detailed one. If the person is really interested, he will not hesitate to access the offer. In this way, you can validate which topic or topics are the most interesting for your readers. The latter is already incredibly valuable because you can adjust your content creation schedule so that it is aligned to what they really need to hear or read from you.


Give some perks to Those Who Go the extra mile
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All sites have something in common with their visitors, and I will list them below:

  • New Visitors
  • Recurring Visitors

Now, of the total of recurring visitors… Do you know the visitors that trigger the engagement that your site is receiving? The most logical thing to think about visitors who have the time to visit your blog, is that likely those visitors are even registered on your list of subscribers. If you have already identified who they are, offer them something of value that is exclusively for them.

Something interesting would be to try an eBook only for your list of subscribers or if you are selling something you could offer them a discount on some of your products. The ideas are limitless; it will depend on what you have to offer and your creativity.


Offer downloadable blog post summaries
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Of all the articles that you have on your site, there will be some that perform better than others, there will be some that are more extensive than others, and there will be some that are more difficult to read in terms of the complexity of the subject.

The strategy is to see in your given, what is the article in which people most delay in reading and try to make an assumption … is it because it is a very extensive article? Is it because it is difficult to understand? Or is it because it has some error (can happen)? If your case is that the subject is very extensive to read, you can create a document (downloadable) to part with important points and give it as an option to download.

In this way, the users can read what interested them in your article, and if a user wants to know more, then the user could download the extra you placed. In this way, you would continue to give value to the users on a constant basis and even outside of your website.


Answer comments with CTAs
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One common mistake I see in many bloggers is that when it comes to replying to comments … they simply ignore or delay replying. I do not know why this happens, but I have seen countless times that it happens. If a person takes the time to put a comment on your website, this surely means that their level of interest is well above the average of people who visit the site and not only that, it also increases the social evidence that your site is not a ghost. It shows that there are actually people who are visiting and interested in it.

Of course, you can see other reasons why a user could leave a comment (some complaint probably), but back to the idea of the previous paragraph, you have to take the opportunity and try to answer any concerns that the site has. With this we will be building that trust, which we have talked about throughout this article, hoping that in the future we will see ourselves as an authority in our niche market and getting our users from just being a visitor to a subscriber with a view to becoming a client, of course.



Here is an infographic as a bonus if you want to know more about the subject

3 Tips on How to Turn Your Website into a Lead Generation Machine


We have already seen 11 strategies with which your website can be literally transformed into a machine to generate leads and this without having to go looking for more traffic to our website. Just make some adjustments, and with the current traffic, you will see a huge difference. Perhaps you wonder which of all the tips should I try first? My recommendation would be, start with some of the smoothness right now and whether it works or not, take another from the list and repeat the process.

The worst test that exists is the one that is not done, and do not fall into the mistake of trusting in what works for others or does not work for them. Your website is unique, and your visitors are unique. Only you know the behavior they have on your website. It is up to you to know how to treat them and if for some reason you do not know how, simply send them a survey through your mailing list encouraging them with some premium content you have or some type of discount to a product that you have on sale on the website. 

Regardless of what you decide to offer, do something, but do it already. Tomorrow is late.

Let us know in the comments if you are already applying some of these tips.