7 Fatal Digital Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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So, you already have a marketing strategy; you know what you should do and how you are going to do it. Before you start your strategy, it is recommended that you read this post and try to identify if you fall into any of the following errors, lest, by going fast in your implementation, skip something and spend more on your campaign than it should have been. Needless to say, let’s begin.

Poor research
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Online businesses and traditional businesses fail because of this huge mistake; they do not carry out the necessary research to create a real marketing strategy.

The best example that I like to use to describe the importance of making a real-life database marketing plan is that of a battlefield. Imagine that your business marketing plan is the same as a platoon’s strategy of attacking an enemy.

Before performing the attack, you will have to gather information to build your strategy, you probably have information such as the number of soldiers that are ready, quantity of ammunition, vehicles ready among other internal data, but you do not know the data external to you as can be the type of terrain in Who will fight, approximate amount of enemy soldiers among others.

If you do not investigate factors external to you; it is impossible that you can carry out a strong strategy of action which will result in the failure of the mission with a high number of casualties. This also applies to poorly planned marketing strategies that will lead you directly to failure and, to make matters worse, you will have wasted your time and money.

Well-planned strategies are the formulas for success.

A well-planned strategy is not something you can create overnight; you will have to search, investigate, and ask the experts and all this just to gather the valuable information that will allow you to put together a good strategy. Remember that business is known and remembered thanks to the marketing strategies we use to reach our customers which make it the key to success.

In order to have a reliable and effective marketing strategy, which you will want to follow or that your team follows with complete security, you will have to consider internal and external factors because, with these, you will be able to put together an action strategy. This will help you to know if you are really targeting your target audience and will help you determine if your products or services really meet your needs, and if prices are at the optimum margin (neither too expensive nor too cheap), it will also help you know exactly what strategy worked to optimize or replicate it for the purpose of increasing ROI or knowing where you are losing money and making the necessary adjustments.


Invest without optimizing
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Just like making a marketing plan without concrete evidence can destroy all the time you have invested in developing and publicizing your company, also making investments based on hunches or assumptions will lead you directly to failure.

Investing without optimizing is like playing the lottery, there is a chance that you can win … but, as we all know, the chances of doing so are very small. You should consider that this will have a great impact if you are starting and depend on your salary to make investments, pay bills and keep your family or if you are an entrepreneur on a tight budget.

To make a campaign ideal for investing large amounts of money, you must first carry out a process of testing and discarding where you must target audiences that, with previous research, you have identified as the niches where you will find your target audience, this is what we call optimizing.

To explain the process of optimization, I will use as an example a documentary of the space where they showed the universe, and then they went deeper and showed the galaxies, then the solar system, and so on until they ended up showing the atoms on planet earth. This is the idea of the process of optimizing a campaign, turning macro and generic information to a micro and objective one.

Back to our campaign … to start normally, we use more general characteristics such as countries, languages, regions, among others, and it is advisable to invest a moderate amount (remember that you are getting data to optimize until you find your target audience). Then you must discard the campaigns that have a poor performance, for this, you must look at data as relevance and CPE or some other data that is relevant to your specific objectives and compare them. You should only consider those who performed well.

Now, with the data obtained, you can optimize your campaign because you will have exactly the country (s) where your product or service is of interest, but targeting a whole country is still very generic, so you should go further in targeting states of this country, then cities and so on until you achieve your target audience.

Once you get your target audience, then you can invest large amounts in campaigns aimed at them as these are the group of people who are really interested in what you are offering and have a high probability of wanting to buy.


Create campaigns without having a unique angle (branding)
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Creating a campaign without original or unique angle will only make you lose money and time as it will not stand out from the campaigns of your competition and this is worse when you want your brand to stand out as people will not be able to remember you or identify you; which can result in your prospects ending up where your competition is. The goal of creating campaigns with a unique Angle for your business is to make your brand spread in the market and position it as a reference for consumers to have it present in their minds directly or indirectly. To achieve this, you must create a marketing plan where you will specify the way in which you will publicize the brand, not just the arts or the slogan, depending on the medium they will use. It is important to develop effective strategies for the “branding” of the company as the result of this is what will give value to the brand which will be a source of income. To achieve this, you must have the following: – Highlight the values of your brand- Convey confidence- Differentiate yourself from the competition- Strengthen the identity of your products or services With these concepts, you will enable your consumers to have empathy and trust with your brand. 


There is no workflow (idea generation, research, writing, editing, etc.)
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One of the problems with not having a workflow is that the work is done in an improvised way. There is nothing guiding what things to do and what not to do. It may come to think that the work is being carried out in the best way, but with nothing to corroborate that theory, we are simply walking in the dark.

The benefits of having a workflow are numerous, let’s look at some:

  • Work can be done more efficiently because unnecessary steps can be filtered out by knowing what works and what does not.
  • Considering the previous point, it is possible to know if a certain step can be carried out alongside another. In this way, you can take advantage to start some other task.
  • You can assess the skills that each job requires, so staff is segmented based on their strengths, which improves teamwork and the environment, of course.
  • It is possible to know the state of the task or project without difficulty.
  • Among others.
Do not analyze what the competition is doing
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One of the key factors in the business area is the study of competition. That is why companies invest large sums of money in market research. We will detail the specific benefits of a market study:

  • You can identify potential new customers
  • Help without a doubt to understand and/or understand the current customers that you already have in your business portfolio.
  • You can focus on realistic goals according to your business.
  • You will know what new things the competition is doing, so you will not be left behind.
  • And, finally, you can see what mistakes the competition makes. That way, you will know what not to do and how to do it better so that the audience of your competition follows you.
Stop talking about the brand and begin to value the audience; the content will speak for itself
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We are in an era in which the client does not want to know when the company was built or what features the company has or who the company has. What the customer wants to know is “what’s in it for me.” Instead of campaigning and mentioning the benefits of the product, you must change the mentality and begin to detail how the product will change the life of the customer. All this without going so far in front of the sale, now what abound is the famous giveaway or contest for something free, it is becoming more difficult to highlight among the noise that exists in the world of advertising.

Therefore, companies are striving first to give something of value to their potential audience and then, once the engagement is generated, enter the pitch of the strong sale. It is important not to forget that, if the sale is not achieved, it is necessary to continue cultivating that relationship by offering valuable content/information. Very possibly in the next interaction that the prospect has with our business, the same will make the decision to make the purchase.

For example, suppose I sign up for a site that is offering how to get traffic to a website that has just been created. Most likely I will get a welcome email explaining who the author is, what he’s been doing, since when he does it, and so on. Following this, I will begin to explain more in detail the content by which I discharged. So far, we are going well, but what if the content that presents the offer is of mediocre quality and suddenly the quality part is a product that costs money. Would you buy it? Probably not, since the author has not yet gained my confidence and, moreover, the content he promised me is not of sufficient value for me to place him as an expert.

On the other hand, if at that first opportunity, I was given quality content and repetitively, I would soon put him as an expert in his area and little by little he would gain my trust. Once the last one is given, then the author can try to make an offer and most likely take the time to think and analyze the offer, which, if he had tried in the first contact, would not have taken it into account.

For that reason, it is important to give quality value first and then opt for the sale which in fact would be with less friction.

Focus only on the fans of our social networks; you should expand and get to know the fans of the competition
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How many fans do you have in your social network accounts? 100? 1,000? 10,000? Excellent, but you know that if you’re not looking for the fans of your competition, you’re leaving money on the table. Why? Simply because if they are following your competition and more than one, it is very likely that they will also follow you. But you will not know if you do not start to try, try and try.

If you have been in this for a while, you should know who your competition is, but if you don’t know, it is easy to know. Just search for your most popular post you’ve created, and you do a Google search. Look at the results that Google is throwing and start reading them. You better know if the site that drafted that article is your responsibility, whether direct or indirect competition.

You should preferably target your direct competition, so you will know that your followers, in a significant percentage, will follow you once you start campaigning on social networks having them as their target audience.

Another way to know your competition is to use tools like Spyfu. Enter the keywords that characterize your site, and you will see a report on your keywords and others, but you will also see who, besides you, are participating in the fight for those keywords. Guess one thing; they are your competition too. Although that tool is more focused on search engines, by now everyone should have a presence on social networks. So, see the results, enter each page and analyze your accounts in social networks.



In this post, we have transmitted that to be successful in our online business, we must analyze our marketing strategy well to be able to use it without worry, and for this, you must properly analyze the different parts that make up your business. This will help you to have greater security when making a big investment of any kind or identify that which failed and correct it, as this will bring you closer to success.

Remember that you should never make decisions just for assumptions or “leave it to chance” as this will most likely lead to failure.

We hope this article has given you some tricks on how to identify any mistakes that you might be doing and thus, avoid them. Let us know in the comments if you are already applying some of these tips.